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6 Holiday Travel Tips

Last Updated On 11/5/2020

A record-breaking 115 million Americans traveled during the December holiday season in 2019. That’s around a third of the entire country. Let that number sink in for a second.

Are you ready for another shocker? The December holiday season actually brings out fewer travelers than Thanksgiving. Add that number to the 103 million above and you have a recipe for frustrating holiday travel.

We probably do not need to tell you this. The holidays are a notoriously tough time to travel by plane, train, or automobile. Even Ubers are hard to come by.

It is a good thing you’ve come to Yonder Travel Insurance, though, because we’re here to help. Not only are we the world’s premier provider of travel insurance via comparison site, but we’re also your partner-in-travel. We have put together a list of the top six indispensable holiday travel tips. You can thank us later.

Research Where You’re Going

Whether it’s Aunt Lucy’s house in Fresno or a holiday jaunt to Thailand, you’re going to want to research, research, research where you’re going.

Learn all the basics like attractions, restaurants, and nightlife, but also go one step further. Research the airports, the infrastructure, the busiest areas and times. Check out guides from locals (or even Google Local Guides!). Get the inside scoop on your destination.

This’ll save you a headache, trust us. We’re the experts on family travel, journalism travel, and so much more.

Pack Light

Packing light can mean many different things. For flyers, it means packing a carry-on bag (check our guide to TSA-approved carry-ons) of essentials, but remember not to bring liquids. For drivers, it means avoiding loading your car down with heavy items such as bulky presents.

Not only will packing and traveling light save you time during your pre-traveling process, but you absolutely do not want to lose a bag at the airport or burn through gas on your drive. There’s no easier way to add a heaping helping of stress to an already stressful time.

Don’t Travel on Peak Days or at Peak Times

This one is a no-brainer. Don’t travel immediately around Thanksgiving or Christmas. Don’t travel later in the day. Don’t jump on a plane on New Year’s.

It is universally recognized that the Wednesday before Thanksgiving is the absolute worst day of the year to travel in the US. A smart alternative is to hop on a red eye flight on Thanksgiving morning. Sure, you’ll lose a little sleep, but the lack of delays and headaches will more than make up for it.

Give Yourself Plenty of Time

We mean more than just two hours at the airport. Plan bumper time into every step of your travel plans: research, pack, travel to the airport, travel to your hotel. All these mundane tasks can become fun by giving yourself time before, during, and after.

That’s a bold claim, we know, but think about it like this. Would you rather rush to the airport, be stressed on the security line, and feel like you’re going to miss your flight the entire time? Or would you rather leave early, browse some of the shops and restaurants at the airport, amble through security, and get to your gate early?

We thought so.

Don’t Skimp on Travel Insurance

Travel insurance probably isn’t high up on your list of things to worry about during the holidays. Fair enough. It should be, though, because good travel insurance can save your holiday plans from all sorts of unforeseen circumstances.

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Lost gifts, flight delays, inclement weather, lost luggage, even terrorist attacks are examples of coverage in a comprehensive travel insurance plan. Chances are these won’t happen…but better safe than sorry, right?

Bonus: Shop Around for the Best Deals

Here’s your special bonus tip! Want to save some serious money over the holidays? Shop around for the best deals on everything. We’re talking about flights, of course, but all sorts of other necessities too.

Shop around for travel insurance, duty free shopping, ridesharing in new cities, and so much more. The money you save is basically your holiday gift to yourself, right?

And there you have it: the top six holiday travel tips. Contact us today if you need help with travel insurance or other parts of your holiday get away!

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