Long Stay Travel Insurance – How to Avoid a Costly Stay Abroad

long stay travel insurance - how to avoid a costly stay abroad

Going abroad is an exciting experience. Discovering new cultures, learning new languages, meeting new people and eating new foods are all part of the visiting new countries. While it is important to relax and have fun while on vacation, it is still important to avoid spending frivolously. Saving money while abroad will mean coming home with a fuller wallet—and the opportunity to soon travel again. Keep reading for some of our favorite tips for saving money while traveling.

Do Your Research

Before you depart, make sure to study a bit about what there is to do in the cities you are visiting. Are Sundays free admission to the local museums? Is there a discounted rate on Wednesdays at popular tourist sites? Many attractions in bigger cities will offer discounts for students and seniors, as long as proper identification is presented.

When it comes to travel research, we’re big fans of Lonely Planet and the aptly named TripResource.com.

Talk to the Locals

The best way to learn the ins and outs of a new city or town? Talk to those who spend the most time there—the locals. Residents of your vacation destination will be able to tell you the hidden gems that most tourist guides won’t know. Authentic restaurants, bars, bakeries, shops—you name it, locals will know the best one to stop at. The best part? Because these places are often geared towards locals, prices tend to be much lower than that of touristy, more popular ones.

Be Flexible

Booking your trip with plenty of time in advance will allow for more flexibility. Interested in visiting Paris in July? Use sites like Skyscanner or Kayak and search for flights throughout the month. Clicking on the map feature will allow you to compare prices from day to day.

Try and avoid flying on holiday weekends, as those days will be costlier. Tuesdays and Wednesdays tend to be the cheaper days to fly. Also, booking a flight for an unpopular hour, like a red-eye or early in the morning, will save you some bucks as well.

Give Some Likes

Companies like to grow their social media standing and will typically offer discount codes to those who help do so. Go ahead and give your favorite travel sites a “like” on Facebook and follow them on Twitter and Instagram. Also, head to their sites and sign up for the e-newsletter. Oftentimes the newsletters will offer an exclusive promotion only for subscribers.

Protect Yourself

Purchasing long stay travel medical insurance policy is a great option for those that are planning on traveling for a long period of time. Designed with backpackers or those traveling for an extended period of time, travel medical insurance provides flexibility a comprehensive travel insurance policy may not, such as extending your policy while your on your trip.

Longer vacations often bring a higher level of risks due to more flights, hotels and activities planned. Ensure that you are protected from the unknown for your next trip by getting an instant travel insurance quote now!

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