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Travel Insurance 101

Travel insurance for your cruise


While cruise carriers will often include insurance, the type of coverage they offer will most likely offer limited amounts of coverage. Make sure you’re covered for the spectrum of pitfalls while taking a cruise.

A comprehensive plan is the best place to begin your search for the right cruise-centric coverage. Empty Nesters and families should always consider Comprehensive coverage for a cruise vacation. These plans provide the best all-around coverage for the kinds of travel and medical emergencies that are unique to cruise-based trips. Some examples would be:

Trip Cancellation and Interruption
Don’t allow an unexpected sickness, hurricane, or new job that forces you to cancel your cruise prevent you from taking this trip again down the road. Most cruise carriers will not provide a refund for cancellations within the weeks leading up to your departure, but trip Cancellation and Interruption coverage would allow you to be reimbursed for those non-refundable trip deposits or payments you’ve made prior to a cancellation.

Missed Cruise Connection
If weather causes a flight delay and you miss your ship’s embarkation, Missed Cruise Connection coverage will pay expenses associated with re-joining the cruise at the next port, including a hotel stay or cost of meals incurred due to the delay.

Medical Evacuation
It’s a bit terrifying to consider the possibility of encountering injury or illness on the open water, miles from a hospital or other necessary medical care. If your ship’s staff or facilities can’t provide the treatment you need, Medical Evacuation coverage will arrange emergency transport from the ship or from your next port to the nearest medical facility which can provide the appropriate medical treatment. After you’re treated, transportation can be arranged to your ship’s next port or home, depending on your condition.