COVID-19 Update: All our travel insurance providers are still treating COVID-19 as a covered medical event. Click here for more COVID-19 coverage information.

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Travel Medical Insurance

Anyone who has had to pay a hospital bill in the past will shudder at the idea of getting medical help while traveling uninsured. Illness or injury outside your home country can be a daunting prospect, but ensuring you’re covered isn’t as frightening as you may think. Travel Medical Insurance protects you in the event of an illness or injury when traveling outside of your country of residence and it provides key medical benefits in case of an emergency.

Generally more affordable than most comprehensive plans, travel medical insurance, is typically not offered with ‘package plan’ benefits, such as cancellation, baggage, trip delay, and interruption. The focus on substantial medical and evacuation coverage will save you some dollars.

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Important note on Travel Medical: Coverage is only valid outside the insured’s home country (the country where they are a citizen). American citizens, your motorcycle trip to Sturgis will unfortunately not be covered.  


Who Should Buy This Coverage


Those Traveling Outside Their Home Country & International Vacationers


Individuals Or Families Looking For Affordable, Basic Coverage & Relatives Visiting From Overseas


Adventure Or Humanitarian Travelers & People Going On Cruises, Safaris Or Guided Tours


What’s Covered


Medical & Dental


Medical Evacuation


Accidental Death & Dismemberment


What’s Not Covered



Coverage In Your Country Of Citizenship


Some Plans May Limit Or Exclude Coverage For Non-U.S. Citizens Visiting The U.S. (Due To Higher Medical Costs In The U.S.)


Cancellation/Interruption Coverage

In Summary: Those of you at risk or simply looking for basic medical insurance while abroad — you know who you are. For some, this is the only coverage you’re concerned about. Fortunately, travel medical can be a stand-alone policy to keep it cost-effective. Medically-covered and money-saving? Your parents would approve.