COVID-19 Update: All our travel insurance providers are still treating COVID-19 as a covered medical event. Click here for more COVID-19 coverage information.

5 Ways to Answer Why Your Clients Should Buy Travel Insurance

As a travel agent, you recognize the value of travel insurance based on what seems like countless “travel nightmare” stories from your clients’ trips. Yet, you might still have some that skip out on purchasing travel insurance. Here are some scripts to help answer your client’s questions on why they should buy travel insurance.

blue outline of arrow pointing right If your client says, “My medical insurance provides enough coverage”.

Answer: The medical coverage you have in the United States likely doesn’t extend to international countries, meaning you’ll have to cover the bill if you get sick or injured during your trip in another country. Medical evacuations alone can cost $50,000 or more, but travel insurance would cover these expenses and even provide coverage for emergencies on domestic trips.

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blue outline of arrow pointing right If your client says, “My credit card has travel insurance”.

Answer: Although there are credit cards out there with travel insurance, it’s often limited and lacks important benefits. If you have a high trip cost, your credit card might not cover it all. Most credit cards don’t offer any type of medical coverage either.

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blue outline of arrow pointing right If your client says, “I’m healthy and don’t have any medical problems”.

Answer: That may be true, but travel insurance could protect your trip expenses if you suddenly have to cancel because a family member becomes ill or injured. It could also cover medical expenses or medical evacuation if you experience an accident or illness during your trip.

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blue outline of arrow pointing right If your client says, “Travel insurance won’t cover COVID-19”.

Answer: All policies on Yonder treat COVID-19 like a covered medical event. Should you contract the illness prior to departure, you could cancel and be reimbursed for your insured trip investment by the travel insurance company under trip cancellation coverage. If you contract COVID-19 during your trip, benefits could apply like trip interruption, medical expense/medical evacuation, and travel delay.

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blue outline of arrow pointing right If your client says, “Travel insurance is too expensive”.

Answer: Yonder curates policies from the top travel insurance providers to help you find the most affordable policy with comprehensive coverage. Most travel insurance premiums are only 4-12% of your trip investment. 

The best way to save money on travel insurance is to refrain from including refundable trip costs or trip expenses you may be able to use as a future travel credit. Also, since travel insurance premiums are based on age, insuring the whole family could save you some extra cash, as it could be cheaper if you include younger travelers on your plan.

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