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open road with fall foliage
5 Best Places for Fall Leaves & Scenic Drives Around the World

Check out these amazing autumnal locations for the best drives around!

tropical beach town next to blue ocean
Top 5 Hidden Gems in Mexico No One Is Talking About

Mexico is a popular country to vacation to, but check out these destinations for a more low-key and less crowded vacation.

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River Cruise vs. Ocean Cruise: 12 Differences That Impact Your Vacation

Not sure the differences between booking a river cruise and an ocean cruise? They contrast quite a bit, so make sure you’re informed on what type of experience you’ll get with each!

traveling with friends in a convertible car
How to Travel With Friends and Avoid the Drama

Find out how to travel with friends without ruining your relationship (and still have a great time!).

Does Travel Insurance Cover Missed Connections? [GUIDE]
Meagan Palmer

Does travel insurance cover missed connecting flights? Find out how this coverage can safeguard your journey, providing financial protection in case

short stay travel insurance
Can You Get Travel Insurance for Domestic Trips?

Even if you’re traveling domestically, travel insurance is a really important way to protect yourself and your wallet! Find out why you should insure your next weekend trip and what type of coverage to look for.

man and pregnant woman walking along bridge
Is Your Pregnancy Covered by Travel Insurance?

Insurance is important when you’re pregnant! Make sure you know what’s covered and what’s not when it comes to traveling pregnant.

U.S. Virgin Islands beach
How to Travel to the U.S. Virgin Islands Safely (Updated for 2023)
Meagan Palmer

Find out all the travel safety updates for traveling to the U.S. Virgin Islands so you’re informed before you go.

blue water beach drone view of Costa Rica
Need Travel Insurance for Costa Rica? Here’s What to Know [GUIDE]
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Find out what you should know about Costa Rican insurance before you depart on your trip.

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Travel Insurance for Baggage: Protect Your Belongings on Your Next Trip
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Don’t fork out extra money for delayed, lost, or stolen baggage. Here’s how travel insurance could help!