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The types of travel insurance
you should probably know about.



The most, well, comprehensive type of travel insurance as well as the most popular due to the coverage for the range of unexpected occurrences. This type of travel insurance usually provides three main pillars of coverage: Trip Cancellation and Trip Interruption, Medical Expense and Emergency Evacuation, and Travel Loss and Delay benefits.

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Travel Medical

Those of you at risk or simply looking for basic medical insurance while abroad — you know who you are. For some, this is the only coverage you’re concerned about. Fortunately, travel medical can be a stand-alone policy to keep it cost-effective. This means the policy will provide coverage for Medical Expense, Emergency Medical Evacuation, and likely some Travel Loss and Delay benefits.

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Also referred to as Medevac, Evacuation insurance covers expenses related to your immediate transportation should there be a major medical or security emergency on your trip. Considering how expensive a medical evacuation can be, this type of coverage can be extremely beneficial in protecting your wallet and your health!

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