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Travel Insurance for Different Types of Travel

Every traveler is different and prefers different types of travel: some people prefer family trips, others prefer vacations with friends, and others still prefer to explore on their own. Some travelers seek out far-off locales so they can serve their business, their news organization, or simply themselves.

This means that there can be no one-size-fits-all approach to providing travel insurance. Each insurance policy must be different, as well as each insurance provider, and understanding your specific travel needs will help determine the best policy for you to purchase.

Our experts have pored over hundreds of policies from multiple providers to offer you the best travel insurance recommendations based on the different types of travel you prefer. We do this independently, in an unbiased way so you can use our insight to choose the option most suited for your needs. By looking at different policies with different levels of coverage, you can compare plans and get exactly the amount of coverage required for your style of travel – no more, no less.

Read through the descriptions below for a better idea of the coverage you might want for your travel preferences. Then, click through the images below to discover more about the coverage you should consider for different types of travel. After that, feel free to reach out to us today so we can help you set up the plan you want.

business suit icon for business travel insuranceBusiness Travel

Our work can take us far in life, and sometimes that means taking us far from home – and our comfort zones. While most businesspeople like to describe themselves as risk-takers, part of that means being prepared for anything. That’s why most companies cover the cost of trip insurance for their employees. That way, they can go anywhere their employers need them to go without having to worry. For those whose trips are mostly job-related, this is the travel style for you.

Our main recommendations for a business-related travel insurance plan include:

  • comprehensive coverage, so nothing can stop you from doing your work for long
  • finding a well-known provider whose credibility has been proven
  • and multi-trip options 

We also advise getting coverage for lost or delayed baggage, in case anything happens to your briefcase and trip cancellation that includes job-related reasons.

grey outline of family icon for family travel insuranceFamily Travel

There’s nothing quite like a family vacation. Traveling somewhere together can be the source of many cherished memories shared between siblings, spouses, children, and parents. Of course, you’ll want to make sure the whole team is safe, whether you’re going on an intimate trip for two or a more exciting trip with a dozen. For those whose trips are incomplete without their loved ones, this is the travel style for you.

We find that the best travel insurance policies for family vacations include comprehensive coverage that suits everyone’s needs and covers all kinds of complications, and we advise that you get them from reputable and reliable providers. Consider getting coverage that:

  • insures adults and dependants under a single policy
  • accounts for missed connections
  • provides reimbursement for different reasons behind trip interruption and cancellation
  • and takes care of any medical emergency needs

grey outline of birdhouseSenior Travel

There’s no time like the present to explore somewhere new, especially if you’re a senior citizen. With an empty nest and retirement comes more time for yourself, which in turn comes with more time for seeing the world. Having solid travel insurance coverage lets you take your dream trips stress-free. For anyone wanting to make the most of their golden years, this is the travel style for you.

For those more mature travelers, we suggest plans that:

  • cover multiple trips, if you intend to travel frequently
  • limit age-based rate increases
  • include comprehensive coverage, particularly ones that can handle medical expenses and pre-existing conditions. 

You may also want a travel insurance plan that provides coverage for missed connections, trip interruptions, and cancellations.

grey outline of moutain icon for adventure travel insuranceAdventure Travel

Many vacationers are content with sightseeing and taking it easy. Many others travel to new places for the thrills that they offer. Anyone who understands the value of using safety gear in extreme sports can see the added value of having travel insurance, in case things get too extreme. For those whose idea of fun includes whitewater rafting and cliff climbing, this is the travel style for you.

Travel insurance for adventurous types doesn’t need much coverage outside of trip cancellation, trip interruption, or anything involving a medical expense – that way, instead of paying for insurance that isn’t a major concern, you can save up for new gear or an extra day to your trip. We also recommend adding a sports rider, which includes extreme athletics under medical coverage, and sports rental coverage, which reimburses you if something happens to your equipment.

grey logo of cruise shipCruise Travel

Cruise holidays are all about unwinding in comfort and style. Whether you sail to tropical paradises in the Caribbean or beautiful locales on the Alaskan coast, these experiences are scenic and luxurious. Plenty of travel insurance companies offer policies specifically for cruise trips that can cover you and even your whole group. For those who want to spend time relaxing at sea, this is the travel style for you.

For cruises, we specifically recommend getting a travel insurance policy through an insurance company rather than the cruise line itself, and getting it shortly after booking your trip. We also advise getting coverage for:

  • medical evacuation
  • missed connections
  • and trip interruption or cancellation

grey outline of tour bus for touring insuranceTouring Travel

Plenty of people appreciate guided tours for showcasing the best that a city, country, or continent has to offer. While experienced people arrange your schedule for you, you can devote all your energy to enjoying the journey. In this respect, insurance agents can be just as helpful as guides, providing you with coverage so you don’t have to fret. For those who waste no time finding interesting things to do when they visit someplace new, this is the travel style for you.

Tours can take you through many different situations with their own unique conditions, so extensive and comprehensive coverage may come in handy. This can include:

  • trip delay
  • baggage delay
  • and medical expenses

However, you can add more options if they might apply to your tour.

Student IconStudent Travel

Studying abroad while in school can change a young person’s life. After spending your whole life in the same town and taking tentative steps in a different environment at college, living in another country can broaden not just your perspective of the world but of yourself and what you want. Still, you never know what such a change might entail. Travel insurance can make your exploration that much safer. For those who yearn for a unique learning experience that can teach them something about themselves, this is the travel style for you.

Long-term coverage is great if your study abroad program lasts more than a few weeks. If you think you’ll wanna stay home for a while after such a long time away, don’t spend more on a plan that covers multiple trips.

grey outline of camera icon for digital nomad insuranceJournalism Travel

Real reporters know that stories don’t usually just come to them and often they need to find it themselves. That means going outside, visiting new places, keeping their nose to the ground, and talking to people in person. Journalists whose beats take them far from home need to feel secure that they can go where the story takes them without having to pay too much if there’s a change in plans. To those who will do anything and go anywhere to find news worth telling, this is the travel style for you.

Journalists would benefit from getting coverage for:

  • their health and their personal items
  • evacuations, both medical and non-medical 

They should also get a flexible plan to match their go-anytime-and-anywhere lifestyles.

outerspace suit iconDon’t Box Me In

Not everyone travels in the same way or for the same reasons and some people refuse to be generalized so easily. They have their own style of doing things and that extends beyond their hometown or home country. They also have their own standards for what makes a good travel insurance policy. For those who like to chart their own course even when heading to parts unknown, this is the page for you.

While anyone can customize their travel insurance policy to fit what they want, we do advise that they review their coverage options. Coverage for emergency medical expenses is definitely recommended, and medical evacuation, baggage delay, trip interruption or cancellation, and trip delay are also worth looking into.

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coverage you should consider for the way you travel.