Coronavirus & Top Questions About Travel Insurance Answered

Last Updated on 9/10/2021

The spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19) caused a worldwide shutdown of almost all travel and we’re still facing setbacks to visiting our favorite destinations. We’ve addressed the top questions our team has been receiving below but you may click through the following links to review our providers’ official position statements regarding coverage available for your travel insurance policy.

AIG Travel Guard Position Statement

Arch RoamRight Position Statement

AXA Assistance USA Position Statement

Generali Global Assistance Position Statement

iTravelInsured Position Statement

Travel Insured International Position Statement

Here are the top questions our team of friendly humans is being asked regarding COVID-19 and how travel insurance applies in situations like this.

Can I cancel my trip due to an outbreak of the coronavirus at my destination?

If you already have a travel insurance policy, there is limited trip cancellation coverage if you choose to annul your adventure due to a pandemic or fear of an outbreak of COVID-19 at your destination. Pandemics and epidemics are generally excluded from trip cancellation coverage. The virus was determined a “foreseen” event as early as January 21 and each major insurance provider has released position statements regarding even more restrictions since that time point.

The only type of trip cancellation coverage that is sure to supply some type of reimbursement to cancel due to the pandemic would be a specific type of coverage called Cancel for Any Reason (CFAR). This insurance benefit allows you to call off your expedition for any reason at all and receive a 50-75% reimbursement of your insured trip cost. To qualify for this benefit, the traveler must 1) purchase their policy within 14-21 days from the initial deposit or payment date, 2) insure all their non refundable trip expenses, and 3) cancel at least 48 hours prior to their departure date.

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What if I get COVID-19 before or during my trip?

Since most travel insurance companies still treat COVID-19 like any other illness, coverage could still apply if you develop a new health condition that causes you to call off your trip. You may also be covered under trip cancellation or trip interruption coverage if you are quarantined or subject to a mandatory evacuation issued by the government. If you end up testing positive during your trip, your travel insurance plan could reimburse you for additional hotel and meal expenses as well. In addition, medical expenses or emergency medical evacuations would likely be covered if you were to contract COVID-19 during your trip.

My trip has been rescheduled, can I use my same travel insurance policy?

If you do not have a claim open under your current travel insurance plan, you’ll likely be able to change the travel dates on your current policy to your rescheduled dates. Make sure you change them before your departure date passes though! Reach out to our team to help you make this change.

If you don’t have your trip rescheduled yet, but know it’s in the works, the timeline on your policy can be changed to the estimated new travel period. Once you nail down the plans for your postponed journey, your dates can be changed again on your plan to reflect that.

My trip has been cancelled, can I also cancel my travel insurance policy?

If you know for a fact you won’t be able to reschedule your trip and use your travel insurance policy, some insurance companies are being extra flexible in their cancellation policy. Usually, there’s a 10-14 day free look period in which you can review the plan and if you aren’t satisfied, you can cancel the plan and receive a refund. However, if you cancel outside of this timeline, some providers are making an exception if you show proof you’ve received a full refund (including the deposit) of all your trip costs from your travel suppliers. Some travel insurance companies are offering vouchers in which you can use your travel insurance plan on a future excursion within the next 1-3 years.

If you have yet to purchase travel insurance and are concerned about an upcoming trip, make sure to check with an expert first to ensure you’re purchasing a policy that will provide the coverage you need. The friendly humans at Yonder can always be reached at 855-358-6433 or [email protected], 8:30am – 5:00pm CT, M-F.


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