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COVID-19 Entry Requirements Ease for Popular Tourist Destinations

Travel is coming back! After a long two years, it’s finally looking like the COVID-19 pandemic is starting to recede. Americans are now starting to plan their “revenge travel.” The experts at Yonder Travel Insurance, a travel insurance comparison website, review popular tourist destinations starting to ease their entry requirements for both vaccinated and unvaccinated travelers. 

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Destinations for Vaccinated Travelers

While more countries are dropping a negative COVID-19 test for entry, proof that you’ve been fully vaccinated is still required to enter a good number of countries.

European countries continue to drop entry requirements for vaccinated travelers. Italy just announced that the mask mandates and green pass requirements in indoor settings will be lifted on May 1st, while Spain is indicating they will lift their COVID-19 restrictions and mask mandate soon after Easter (04/17).

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The Caribbean saw a huge boost in tourism in the past year, compared to other popular tourist destinations in previous years.

“We’ve seen a dramatic increase in quotes for travel to Caribbean countries such as the US Virgin Islands and French Polynesia,” says Terry Boynton, Co-Founder and President of Yonder. “In comparison to early 2020 and 2021 quote data, there are now 20x more quotes being run for these destinations thus far in 2022.”

Destinations for Unvaccinated Travelers

There are still a limited number of countries that will allow unvaccinated travelers to enter without a negative COVID-19 test within 2-3 days of departure, but the list is growing. Starting April 1st, Costa Rica will drop almost all of their pretty intense entry requirements, including providing proof of vaccination or a negative COVID-19 test. Other notable tourist destinations that no longer have entry requirements for unvaccinated travelers are Iceland, Mexico and the Dominican Republic.

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COVID-19 Specific Travel Insurance Coverage

With a negative COVID-19 test still being required for re-entry to the United States, travel insurance is still more important than ever! Whether it be COVID-19 medical or quarantine expenses, travel insurance may help reimburse you for those unforeseen expenses if you test positive while on your trip. Run an instant travel insurance quote to compare the best policy options available for your trip.

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