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Travel Insurance 101

Do all plans include trip cancellation?

While most comprehensive plans, the most popular type of plan, do include Trip Cancellation and Interruption as an optional add-on to your policy, be aware that this is not always an option or automatically included in your plan. For example, a majority of Travel Medical and Evacuation plans do not include Trip Cancellation and Interruption coverage.

The total cost of your plan and the amount of Trip Cancellation coverage it includes, if in fact it does include this coverage, is calculated in part based on the total pre-travel cost of your trip, including any non-refundable, pre-paid deposits or payments you’ve already incurred. You will be asked for the amount of these costs (usually called “trip cost”) as you complete any quote. If you’re not sure how to add up all these costs or what trip expenses to include, check out our blog post on how to calculate trip costs in advance.

These payments are what Trip Cancellation and Interruption coverage will reimburse — in many cases up to 100% of your costs, sometimes as much as 150% — in the event that you cancel your trip before or return home early for an approved/covered reason. Your policy will outline the reasons for cancellation/interruption which are eligible for reimbursement. Be sure to look over your policy documents after purchase to make sure you understand your coverage.

We strongly recommend considering Trip Cancellation and Interruption
coverage as a precaution against for any unforeseen changes in your travel plans.
Stuff happens, friends.