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Travel Insurance 101

International travel insurance


We believe that you should never leave home without travel insurance, especially when you are a U.S. citizen traveling outside of the United States. Traveling long distances, which may be outside of the governmental structure and language you’re accustomed to, can complicate situations quickly.


In many cases, your health care plan is insufficient to provide you the coverage and services you need abroad. Even if your current health insurance is applicable to countries outside of the U.S., common coverage plans such as Emergency Medical Evacuation, Political Evacuation, and Trip Cancellation and Interruption are rarely included in your plan, but crucial if something unexpected occurs.

The most commonly purchased plans for international travel are Comprehensive plans. Here’s why:

  • Your flight is cancelled due to weather conditions in Iceland, your destination — you’re rebooked for a flight the next day/Trip Delay coverage would provide reimbursement for your hotel and meals.
  • You lose a loved one unexpectedly and need to cancel your vacation to Australia/Trip Cancellation would reimburse you up to your Total Trip Cost.
  • You become ill and spend a few days in a hospital in Japan/Medical Expense Benefits would cover the cost of your stay in the hospital and the treatment you receive.

Travel Medical plans, on the other hand, are a valid option if you’re traveling for extended periods of time or are concerned about higher medical limits. These plans are only applicable to travel outside your country of citizenship, and typically focus on high amounts of medical and medical evacuation coverage. If you’re traveling on a budget and your reason for seeking travel insurance is primarily to cover major medical events, Travel Medical may be your best option.