COVID-19 Update: All our travel insurance providers are still treating COVID-19 as a covered medical event. Click here for more COVID-19 coverage information.

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Travel Insurance 101

When to Buy Travel Insurance

The short answer is that we recommend you purchase travel insurance around the same time you’re making your first deposits or payments toward your trip. This date is referred to as the “initial trip deposit date.”

Deposits or payments you make toward your trip after your initial deposit(s) may be added onto and covered by your policy. Check with your provider for details.

Most medical and general travel coverage aren’t affected by the date of purchase. Those types of coverage are only active during your trip, and you can only purchase insurance before you depart.

You’re generally required to purchase your plan within 1-30 days of your initial trip deposit date for the following types of coverage:

    • Cancel For Any Reason*

    • Pre-Existing Condition Waiver*

Most pre-departure coverage would revolve around unforeseen circumstances affecting your travel, so the sooner you purchase your policy, the more likely your trip will be covered. For example, if you caught a serious illness and were forced to reschedule your travel, you would become ineligible to add Trip Cancellation coverage after you became ill, as it then have become a “foreseen” or current event.

We hope you never have an unexpected or unfortunate event which affect your life and your travel plans, but it’s wise to be prepared and purchase coverage in a timely manner as a precaution. Our team is available to answer your travel insurance questions at [email protected].

*Requirements vary by provider.