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Germany is Open to U.S. Travelers: Here’s How to Visit Safely

Last Updated on 6/9/2022

Much has changed in the world of travel since the pandemic started. Now that more of Europe is opening up, visiting might be a bit different than before. Here’s our guide on how to travel to Germany from the U.S. safely during the continuation of the current pandemic.

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blue outline of arrow pointing right Can Americans Travel to Germany?

Great news! Americans have been given the green light to travel to Germany for tourism as of June 20, 2021. Now’s the best time to start planning your bucket-list Germany trip!

Neuschwanstein Castle, Schwangau, Germany

blue outline of arrow pointing right How Safe Is It to Travel in Germany Right Now?

Germany is usually a fairly safe vacation spot. As of recent, the U.S. State Department has issued a Level 2 travel warning which means to “exercise increased caution”. This is due to terrorism. The CDC states the current health warning is also at Level 3 for COVID-19 and recommends being vaccinated prior to traveling to Germany.

If you need a bit more peace of mind as you plan your vacation to Germany, purchasing a travel insurance policy is the way to go. Most plans include coverage for events like terrorist acts or if you contract COVID-19 before your trip. Get a free quote by clicking the button below!

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blue outline of arrow pointing right Germany COVID-19 Travel Restrictions & Requirements

As with many destinations, there are still things you’ll need to be prepared for before visiting Germany. Here are the top travel restrictions and requirements to be aware of:

Entry Requirements: Germany has lifted all COVID-19 entry requirements. This means it’s no longer required to show proof of vaccination, proof of recovery of COVID-19 or a negative test to enter the country.

Masks: You’ll likely only be required to wear a mask when using public transport like buses, airplanes, trains, and subways.

U.S. Re-Entry COVID-19 Testing: It’s no longer required to show proof of a negative COVID-19 test to re-enter the States.

No Curfew: Currently, there’s no national curfew in Germany.

Health Screenings: There are potential COVID-19 tests at airports for specific travelers.

Mandatory Quarantine: Each state within Germany has its own quarantine guidelines and travel restrictions, so be sure to inform yourself about these before you embark on your travels. If you do end up needing to quarantine, it will be up to you to foot the bill. We highly recommend purchasing travel insurance so you can get reimbursed for these types of unexpected expenses. 

Brandenburg Gate, Berlin, Germany

blue outline of arrow pointing right What’s Open in Germany?

Although Germany is open for tourism, things may be operating differently if you visited a couple of years ago. Here’s what to note:

Restaurants: Open for outside dining only. Be prepared to possibly pay a reservation fee. It’s no longer required to show proof of vaccination or recovery from COVID-19 prior to dining.

Museums: Some museums are open with policies like social distancing, limited occupancy, and mask-wearing. You can find a list of which ones are open here.

Zoos: Some zoos require you to purchase a ticket for a specific time during the day to alleviate overcrowding. Most tickets can be purchased online.

Outdoor Pools: Stay cool during the summer heat at these outdoor pool locations. Plus, you won’t need to show proof of a negative COVID-19 test!

Public Transport: Trains and buses are open at reduced capacities and you must also wear a mask when using public transportation.

frankfurt, germany cityscape

blue outline of arrow pointing right What to Bring When Traveling to Germany

Travel Insurance

You’ve probably seen a lot more about travel insurance since the pandemic –and for good reason. Our best tip on finding reliable and comprehensive coverage? Use a comparison site like Yonder to search for policies from the top travel insurance providers. This method helps you find plans that include the type of coverage you actually need for your journey for an affordable price. We recommend making sure your policy has the following coverage:

  • Trip Cancellation coverage if you contract COVID-19 before or during your getaway
  • Trip Delay coverage in case your trip gets delayed and you have to pay for extra hotels and meals
  • Missed Connection coverage in case you miss your connecting flights

Required Documentation

From what we’ve researched, you’re going to need your vaccination card or proof of COVID-19 recovery quite often when traveling to Germany anytime soon. Make sure you keep copies of them along with your passport in case they get lost or stolen. If they do, your travel insurance might be able to help cover the cost of a new passport.

Face Masks

Travelers will also need to bring face masks to wear on the flights and other public spaces on the journey to, during, and return home from Germany.

Eibsee, Grainau, Germany

blue outline of arrow pointing right Best Places to Visit in Germany

Germany is chock-full of beautiful locations, rich history, and delicious food. We think there’s something about this country everyone finds magical. Find the best location in Germany based on your travel style below!

Cruise Travel

If you enjoy a good cruise vacation escape, then venture to Hamburg, the largest cruise port in Germany. If you’re also into music, check out the concert halls before you check in to your cruise.

cruise ship in hamburg, germany

Leisure Travel

If your idea of a vacation is quiet and relaxing, try strolling through the gardens in Hannover. You’ll be sure to find plenty of Instagram-worthy photos here!

hannover, germany overlooking a lake

Family Travel

From museums to zoos to nightlife, Leipzig offers a plethora of activities and sights to please everyone in the family. Plus, this city has a rich history that will fascinate you and your children!

city of Leipzig, Germany cityscape

Adventure Travel

Saxon Switzerland National Park is home to many adventures for travelers to uncover. There’s a cycle trail, an outdoor theater, and mind-blowing rock formations that will fuel your wanderlust.

Saxon Switzerland National Park

Germany is truly a land of fantasy and it’s no wonder it’s on the bucket list of many travelers! Whether you’re on the fence about traveling or already booking your flights, travel insurance can help bring peace of mind throughout the trip planning process. Not sure where to start? You can either get a free instant travel insurance quote on our website or reach out to one of our friendly team members to help answer your questions.

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