Is Your Pregnancy Covered by Travel Insurance?

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When you’re pregnant, insurance becomes more important than ever. You want to make sure that, in the unfortunate event that you experience any unforeseen issues, your care will be covered—whether you’re at home or elsewhere. According to most medical professionals, pregnancy shouldn’t stop you from traveling. In fact, anytime up until the final month—unless you expect to deliver early—you should be good to go, so you don’t put your travel plans on hold for an entire nine-month period.

That said, pregnant or not, we can never really know what’s going to happen for each of us health wise. That’s why we abide by the “better safe than sorry” motto. We’d rather be covered just in case than find ourselves with a huge hospital bill in a different country. Read our other blog post on why travel insurance is a good idea for a better reference. 

If you agree with this, you’re probably wondering what kind of travel insurance coverage you’ll need and what it looks like. Here are the main things you need to know:

Trying to get pregnant?

Is your travel dependent on whether or not you suddenly become pregnant? Some comprehensive policies do include Trip Cancellation coverage if you find out you’re pregnant after the policy effective date. Not all policies include this type of coverage so make sure you’re reading the fine print or reach out to one of Yonder’s friendly customer care representatives (855-358-6433) for a policy recommendation!

Know what’s covered—and what’s not

Because “normal” pregnancy and childbirth are considered to be expected events, most travel insurance policies don’t cover them. “Normal” pregnancy and childbirth are those without medical complications such as pregnancy-related illness or premature labor. So if you opt to travel within the month leading up to your due date and you have the baby in another country during that time, your birth expenses likely will not be covered. That said, if you experience any expected complications that result in an emergency birth, your policy may cover expenses related to the complications.


Opt for Cancel for Any Reason coverage

If you’re pregnant or think you might become pregnant before you travel, a good foolproof option is Cancel for Any Reason* coverage. You never know how you’ll be feeling when your departure date arrives, especially if it’s a few months out. Having Cancel for Any Reason coverage will give you peace of mind in case you’re ill or just downright exhausted–you can cancel your trip, get reimbursed for 75% of your prepaid expenses, and reschedule it for a later date when you can really make the most of your experience–maybe with your new baby!

*Cancel for Any Reason coverage is a time-sensitive benefit that must be purchased within a certain time period from your initial trip deposit date or your final trip payment date.

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