Questions to Ask Yourself When Considering Travel Insurance

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When you’re planning for an overseas adventure, there are a lot of details to keep in mind, from where you’ll go, to what you’ll do once you get there, to how you’ll get around – and that’s just the beginning.

But no matter how well-organized your trip is, things may not go exactly as expected, despite your full efforts. From baggage delays to sickness to bad weather, unforeseen circumstances can affect even the best laid arrangements.

But we have good news: travel insurance makes it super easy for you to be prepared for any bumps you may encounter while you’re away on your trip. Taking the time to think through what kind of insurance you’ll need before you leave for your international trip will ensure that you’ll be taken care of when you really need it. This will allow you to avoid the additional stress of managing logistics or emergencies you hadn’t planned for, which can be especially trying when you’re traveling outside of your home country.

When you’re arranging your journey abroad, the following questions will help you determine how to best plan for your travels:



Will you be taking a plane, train or automobile (or all of the above)?

Most of the time when you’re traveling internationally, you’ll have to take one, if not several, flights to get to your destination. And once you’ve arrived, that location might not be your final stop — you could end up taking any number of modes of transportation to get around while you’re away.

When doing so, as we all know, transportation delays and cancellations can arise that make it so you have to rearrange your plans a bit, whether that means staying at a hotel an extra night or rescheduling a flight. Beyond that, even if your transit goes as planned, there’s always a chance that your bags won’t make it on time, and you might need to purchase a few items to get you through while you wait for them to catch up. Luckily, you can get travel insurance that covers these delays and losses, so you won’t get stuck with a hefty bill in the end.

Travel insurance may also provide coverage for your rental car so make sure you’re not doubling up on insurance if you’ll be renting a car!

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Will you be doing any outdoor adventuring?

Are you planning on doing any outdoor activities during your time abroad? Whether you’ll be taking a low key hike in Iceland, scuba diving in Mexico, or skydiving in New Zealand, these kinds of outdoor adventures can increase your chances of experiencing some kind of accident. But what many people don’t know is, your United States-based Medicare or health insurance policy might not cover you when you’re traveling outside of the country. So if you’re going to do any activities that might put you at particular risk for physical harm while traveling internationally, you’ll want to make sure that you’re covered by travel insurance that encompasses medical expenses for hazardous sports or adventure activities.



Do you know what you’d do in a medical emergency?

No matter where you’re going, you’ll want to do some research around how you can best prepare yourself medically, and then which steps you can take to be as safe as possible during your travels. There may be some medications you’ll need to take leading up to, during, or following your trip that will help safeguard you from illness, or those that you should carry with you in case a medical emergency arises.

Again here, your normal medical insurance may not cover you when you’re traveling outside of the United States, so make sure you have travel insurance that covers you if you do get sick on your trip.

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What is the crime situation in your destination of choice?

When we’re traveling to places that are unfamiliar to us, it’s important that we consider what the crime situations are and if we should be aware of any types of crime in particular. For example, if we’re going to a city where pick-pocketing is common in tourist-heavy areas, we’ll want to prepare ourselves to carry our belongings differently.

If you do find that there are crime issues that you should be aware of, you can protect yourself and recover the value of your belongings by getting travel insurance that covers you under those circumstances. And, no matter what, be sure to prepare yourself as much as possible by making copies of your identification before you leave for your trip.

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