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Retiring & Ready to Travel? Check Out These Senior Discounts

If you ask us, getting older is pretty awesome. Each year we get closer to retirement, our travel dreams get bigger and better. The free time and extra funds that often come with retirement often lead seniors to travel the world. In fact, the biggest range of travelers in the United States are the 65 to 80 age group.

Another excellent bonus about traveling in your older years is that there are tons of discounts available–from airfare to cruise packages to hotels–all over the world. If you choose to take advantage of these various discounts, that means you can use your savings to do even MORE travel. Wins all around!

Here are some of the best travel discounts available to senior travelers right now:

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Airfare Senior Discounts

    • Alaska Airlines: For those age 65+, Alaska Airlines offers a 10% discount on airfare.

    • American Airlines: If you’re 65+, you’ll have access to discounts through American–you just have to call before you book.

    • British Airways: If you buy your British Airways tickets through an AARP program, you’ll get $65 off of economy tickets and $200 off of business-class seats.

    • Continental Airlines: This one’s a bit more limited, but you’ll get special senior fares to certain destinations if you’re age 65+–just give them a call for details.

    • Southwest Airlines: Though the amount you’ll save on each flight will vary according to full ticket costs, if you indicate that you’re a senior traveler on their ticketing site, a third–and often cheaper– pricing option will become available. Yippee, for senior discounts!

    • United Airlines: Give them a call or select the senior ticket option when booking online to find out which discounts you’re eligible for.

  • U.S. Airways: Same goes for U.S. Airways–discounts are available online and by phone!

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Train & Bus Senior Discounts

    • Amtrak: If you’re in the 65+ crew, Amtrak offers a 10% off senior discount on most fares.

  • Greyhound: Travelers over the age of 62 save 5% off rides.

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Hotel Senior Discounts

    • Aloft Hotels: AARP discount saves 5 percent to 15 percent on your next stay.

    • Best Western: If you’re 55+ you’ll get a 10% discount at Best Western.

    • Clarion: Travelers ages 60 and up will get 20-30% off.

    • Comfort Inn & Suites: You’ll get 20-30% off base prices if you’re 60 or older.

    • Econo Lodge: You’ll save 20-30% off base prices if you’re 60 or older.

    • Hampton Inns & Suites: Seniors can get 10% off here–just make sure you book 72 hours in advance to obtain the discount.

    • Hilton Hotels: This one’s for AARP members–10% off discount at all Hilton properties.

    • Holiday Inn: Holiday Inn’s discount varies by location, but those age 62 and older will save 10-30% off.

    • Hyatt Hotels: Same goes with Hyatt–the 62+ crowd will get 25-50% off base prices depending on location.

    • InterContinental Hotels Group: This one too, except you have to be 65+ to get their discounts.

    • Marriott Hotels: Anyone ages 62 or older will get 15% off at Marriott Properties.

    • Motel 6: Everyone 60+ gets 10% off at Motel 6.

    • Quality Inn: 20-30% off for the 60+ group.

    • Red Roof Inn: No matter when you’re traveling, those age 65+ will get 10% off base rates, and during some times of year it goes up to 15% off.

    • Sheraton Hotels & Resorts: Get 5-15% off on your next stay with an AARP discount.

    • Waldorf Astoria – NYC:  $5,000 off Presidential suite for those 55+!

  • Zipcar: You’ll get a whopping 43% off Zipcar membership with an AARP membership.

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Rental Car Senior Discounts

    • Alamo: AARP members get up to 25% off car rentals at Alamo.

    • Avis: Avis offers up to 30% off for AARP members!

    • Budget Rental Cars: All seniors get a 10% discount at Budget and AARP members can get up to 30% off.

  • Hertz: Travelers ages 50 and older will get 20% off rentals.

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Public Transportation Senior Discounts

If you’re planning to get around via public transportation in a city you’re visiting, definitely do a little research to see if they offer discounted tickets for seniors. Many of them do, and they’re often pretty substantial!

There are tons of senior travel deals out there for the older set! If we missed one, tell us about it so we can spread the word.

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