Top Travel Safety Tips for Italy (Pandemic Edition)

Last Updated on 2/23/2023

Now that the recent pandemic is riding itself out, we have more capacity to really plan a dream trip we’ll love. Italy is one of the most visited tourist locations, which isn’t hard to believe. From the beauty to the history, travelers flock here each year.

Now that restrictions have been lifted for travel to Italy, here are some safety tips to keep in mind as you move forward in deciding whether or not to travel to Italy anytime soon. Don’t forget to check out our travel safety guides on other popular travel destinations.

older buildings in Italy

blue outline of arrow pointing right Is it safe to visit Italy?

Now that there’s a better chance of visiting Italy soon, here are some common-sense Italy travel safety tips you can learn to prepare for your future trip.

Here are some other travel safety tips to keep in mind when traveling to Italy.

Register for STEP: The Smart Traveler Enrollment Program is free for US citizens traveling abroad. The program allows you to register and receive updates about your destination and connect you to the U.S. Embassy and Consulates in Italy should you encounter any problems while traveling.

Be Aware of Common Tourist Scams: Many travelers all over the world experience theft or being scammed, but understanding the most common scams in Italy can prepare you to be one step ahead of the con artists.

If you’re looking to feel more secure when traveling to Italy, travel insurance can give you peace of mind as you plan your future trip. Travel insurance includes categories of coverage for situations like lost or stolen baggage or personal items, trip cancellation, and medical expenses (including COVID-19). It even provides 24/7 assistance to help you in the rare chance you need assistance during an emergency while traveling. The easiest way to find the coverage you’re looking for is to compare policies online and make sure you’re getting the most affordable plan. 

blue outline of arrow pointing right What travel restrictions are in place?

Being informed before you leave for your destination is some of the best advice, no matter if you’re traveling to Italy or another destination. Here are some up-to-date resources you should check out to make sure you can be best prepared before your flight leaves.

Scenery of Portofino, Italy coast

blue outline of arrow pointing right Is there a travel ban to Italy?

As of May 16, 2021, Italy’s ban on non-European Union travel has been removed and is now allowing Americans to visit for leisure –not just essential travel. Find out if it’s safe to travel to Italy below.

blue outline of arrow pointing right How much of Italy is open?

Italy has created a colored zone system to indicate the severity of the COVID-19 outbreak in specified areas. Areas in “red zones” are under lockdown-like circumstances where there is little open. In the “orange zones”, restaurants are only open for takeout, and many shops, museums, and the like are closed or closed on the weekends. When talking about “yellow zones”, many places are open but are open on a limited capacity basis, usually 50%. In “white zones”, there are no restrictions, however, mask and green pass restrictions are still in play. Most places in Italy are currently in the “white zone” with no restrictions.

If you’re worried about border closures or travel advisories ruining your trip to Italy, we’d recommend looking into a travel insurance benefit called Cancel for Any Reason. It allows you to cancel your trip for reasons that aren’t normally covered and reimburses part of your nonrefundable trip cost.

alleyway in Italy

blue outline of arrow pointing right What are some safe and family-friendly activities in Italy?

Now that Italy travel awaits, it’s the best time to dream up all the places and activities you want to visit and do during your future venture. Here are a few to get you inspired!

Enjoy the Greenery: Especially with the need to social distance and maintain health safety while you visit, getting outside and enjoying the beautiful parks in Italy is the perfect (and safe!) way to enjoy an afternoon. Exciting kid-friendly activities like bike renting and horse riding are available at parks like Villa Borghese. Italy is a beautiful country, so enjoy the scenery!

Visit an Outdoor Market: Whether you’re looking for a souvenir or ingredients to cook up a yummy dinner meal at your Airbnb, these markets are quite fun to check out! You can find them all over, but be sure to visit those in Rome, Venice, and Naples if you can.

Hit the Beach: Italy offers many instagrammable beaches to beat the summer heat. Check out this list of the top 17 Italian beaches and find one that’s near your location to picnic at.

overlook of Italy

With uncertainty in the air, we understand that planning your dream trip to Italy might be put on hold. This doesn’t mean you can’t get inspired and take this occasion to do some research. We wrote an article that should help steer you in the right direction toward refueling your wanderlust. Also, use these tips and tricks to save you money once you’re ready to book any travel plans to Italy. 

Don’t wait too long after booking to look into travel insurance! Reach out to our team of friendly humans to make sure you’re getting the travel insurance coverage you need before time runs out.

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