Travel Insurance for Short Trips & Weekends

short stay travel insurance

So, you’re planning to take a trip soon and thinking about whether or not you should opt for travel insurance. The trip is only planned for a few days or even just a weekend, so you might think it’s not necessary or the risk is too low to worry about travel insurance. If that sounds like you, we highly recommend that you think again. Why? There are travel insurance options for shorter trips and weekends that will give you the amount of coverage you need to stay safe while you’re away–no matter how briefly that is.

Pro-tip: Many travel insurance policies require that you’re traveling at least 100 miles away from home in order for their coverage to kick in, so be sure to check that out.

Still a bit skeptical? Here are the reasons why you should consider travel insurance for your short trip:

Delays Make a Difference

When you have a relatively quick trip planned, every hour of travel counts. If your flight is delayed, even by just a few hours, you could end up missing a connecting flight or part of your tour. Delays likely mean you’ll need to pay for meals and accommodations while you wait for your flight to leave, which means spending even more money. Instead of just losing all of that money, pick a travel insurance policy that has travel delay benefits! You’ll be able to recoup those expected extra costs such as a hotel room, meals or local transportation.

You Might Experience Baggage Issues

When you’re going on a short trip, you’ve probably selected the items you plan to bring with you pretty carefully. If your bag gets lost or delayed en route to your destination, you may not have a lot of time to wait for it to show up before you need it and you may need to purchase a bunch of new stuff at your destination. With most travel insurance plans, though, you’ll be covered for those expenses. It won’t get your bag to you sooner, but it will mitigate the stress and financial loss that often comes with baggage delays, so you can get to the good parts of the trip sooner.

Emergencies Come Up

No matter where you are or for how long, you never know when an emergency situation will arise. It can be easy to convince ourselves that it’s less likely that anything will come up on a short trip, that logic can lead to a lot of trouble. Unfortunately, medical emergencies, injuries, and weather issues–to name just a few–can always happen, and it’s important to prepare for them with travel insurance. Most standard travel insurance policies will cover you if one of these types of emergencies comes up. At the very least, your insurance will give you peace of mind that should anything go awry, you won’t end up with a major bill on top of it and you’ll get the medical assistance you need while traveling.

Accidents Happen

If you’re planning to rent a car on your trip, you’ll need to make sure you have rental collision insurance added on to your travel insurance plan. Even if you consider yourself to be the best driver in the world, accidents happen–and when you’re in a car that’s not your own, those accidents can be expensive. With rental collision insurance, you’ll be covered whether or not you are responsible for the accident. As we discussed above, most travel insurance policies will also cover any medical expenses that you incur as a result of an accident.

Pro-tip: If you know which car rental company you’ll be using, do some research or call ahead to make sure that they’ll accept third party insurance before selecting your travel insurance plan.

No matter how long your trip is, travel insurance is always a good idea. While we certainly hope that none of the emergencies, delays, or mishaps we’ve described happen to you, we want you to be covered in the event that they do. We created a free price quote tool to help you get started in finding the right travel insurance policy for you and we’re here to help if you have any questions or concerns.

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