Family Travel Insurance - Coverage for Adults and Kids
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Family trips mean you need coverage for the whole team. Mom, Dad, grandpa, kids and grown-up kids; every family is unique. When you're wrangling a group, anything can happen -- make sure you're covered.

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Comprehensive Plan

A vacation likely being a large investment for a family, comprehensive coverage ensures that the entire family is covered for almost anything that goes wrong -- foreseen or not. These plans typically offer additional coverage options, so you can tailor the plan to your family's needs.

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Extensive Travel Coverage

Trip Cancellation, Trip Delay, Baggage Loss and other coverage for travel logistics protect you financially while you attempt to manage all the moving parts should something go awry.

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Excellent Claims Ratings

It's important to find a provider with a great reputation for settling claims (the thing you're paying them for) rather than finding loopholes in the policy to avoid covering the claim.


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Family Coverage

If you’re taking a father-son or mother-daughter trip, it’s nice to know that some comprehensive plans include coverage for an adult and one dependant, usually between the age of 17-21. 

Example: You’re planning a mother-daughter trip to London. Since your daughter is 16 and your policy allows one child to be added under the age of 18, you’re both covered by one policy. Put that money you saved towards another day in the city!

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High Limits of Medical Coverage

If your child became ill while travelling in another country, Accident and Illness Medical coverage provides peace of mind and logistical support. You’re just a call away from an emergency services specialist who can direct you to the nearest hospital, work with the medical provider to ensure you’re receiving the treatment you need, or even arrange an emergency medical evacuation. 

Example: You’re having relaxing at a resort in Aruba with your wife and three kids when your youngest comes down with a high fever. You take him into the nearest clinic for a prescription — and he’s doing cannonballs in the pool the next day. When you return home from your trip, you can open a claim and submit those receipts from the prescription and be reimbursed.

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Cruise Coverage/Missed Connection

Provides coverage for lodging, meals, and transportation to rejoin a cruise or tour if your flight is delayed because of weather or another complication, causing you to miss the initial departure. 

Example: The cruise of your dreams has been booked and the kids couldn’t be more excited. Unfortunately, a snowstorm in the midwest delayed your flight and you missed the ship’s departure. Cruise Coverage would provide reimbursement for that unexpected hotel stay, meals, and your family’s flight to the next port town to catch the ship and continue your vacation..

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Trip Cancellation and Interruption Coverage

Every plan has a list of ‘covered’ reasons for cancelling or interrupting your trip which would be eligible for reimbursement. Common reasons include unexpected illnesses and weather that affect your travel. 

Example: Someone in the family comes down with the flu a few days before your trip. Trip Cancellation and Interruption coverage would provide reimbursement for those prepaid, non-refundable payments included in your Total Trip Cost that you’ve made towards your family vacation.

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  • Expert, unbiased recommendations for your travel style.
  • Feed a hungry child for a week with every purchase.
  • Helpful humans to guide you through every step.
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  • Expert, unbiased recommendations for your travel style.
  • Feed a hungry child for a week with every purchase.
  • Helpful humans to guide you through every step.