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Every moment you spend wondering what you'd do if something happened to your equipment impedes your ability to capture the story. Gear coverage is a must. Depending on where you're headed, political evacuation coverage may be worth considering, too.

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Travel Medical

Nothing slows down your work like an injury or illness, so you'll want to seek a plan with high medical coverage limits to ensure both the medical assistance you may need and financial peace of mind. If you'd like a plan that covers other travel necessities, including your gear, consider a comprehensive plan.

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Evacuation Membership

If you're most concerned about quick removal/transportation to a safe place because of an unstable situation, explore an annual evacuation membership as an alternative to a traditional travel policy.

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Flexible / Worldwide Coverage

We know your travel plans may suddenly change; look for flexible plans that change with you in a pinch, including worldwide coverage and flexible dates.


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Baggage and Personal Effects Loss

It’s possible that you’re carrying equipment essential to your project. In the event your baggage or personal items are lost, stolen, or damaged during your trip, this coverage would provide reimbursement for the original or replacement items. 

Example: You’re on assignment in Thailand and your camera is stolen right out of your hands while taking pictures on a rickshaw. You file a police report, but sadly the culprit is never found. Baggage and Personal Effects Loss would provide partial or full reimbursement for your camera.

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Medical Evacuation

Sometimes the nearest hospital isn’t equipped to provide the treatment you need in the event of an injury or illness. Medical evacuation coverage would provide transportation to a nearby facility that offers appropriate medical care. 

Example: You’re deep in the bush in Africa contributing to a story on the influx of luxury resorts in the area. You climb a tree to get a better shot of the nearby zebras and lose your balance, breaking your leg. The nearest hospital isn’t resourced to repair your leg, so your plan’s emergency services provider arranges transportation to the nearest facility that can perform surgery. Once treated, you decide to return home rather than continuing your trip; travel arrangements are taken care of by your provider.

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Non-medical Evacuation

Sometimes the area you’re covering is also an area prone to dangerous events. Many plans include coverage for your non-medical evacuation during situations such as natural disasters, political unrest, and terrorist acts occurring nearby as you travel. 

Example: You’re covering a story in Turkey and a terrorist attack occurs in the city where you’re reporting. You call the emergency services provider for your plan, who arranges your immediate evacuation out of the country and back home.

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Trip Delay

Coverage for your hotel stay, meals, and public transportation should your flight be delayed for more than 12 hours. Don’t let a canceled flight cost you, especially if your airline doesn’t cover your expenses. 

Example: Just as you’re about to head home from a photographic tour of Iceland, a volcano in a nearby country erupts and your flight is delayed for two days. Trip Delay coverage would reimburse you for those two additional nights in your hotel, meals, and the cost it takes to get to and from the airport.

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  • Expert, unbiased recommendations for your travel style.
  • Feed a hungry child for a week with every purchase.
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  • Expert, unbiased recommendations for your travel style.
  • Feed a hungry child for a week with every purchase.
  • Helpful humans to guide you through every step.