Student Travel Insurance, For Studying Abroad - Long-Term Student Coverage
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Studying abroad is one of the most valuable travel experiences you can undertake. It's also one of the lengthiest types of travel, so long-term coverage is the way to go. A lot can happen in a semester (acclimating to a new lifestyle abroad), so strong medical coverage should also be considered.

A Comprehensive or Travel Medical Plan

Your study abroad program or university likely has medical limit minimum requirements. A travel medical plan would be the most affordable way to reach those limits. Additionally, a comprehensive plan would provide additional travel coverage such as trip cancellation and baggage loss during your time abroad.

Single Trip Plan

Don't pay more for a multi-trip plan, as this is likely the one and only travel experience for your year. Make it count.

Extended Coverage

Students may be studying abroad for up to a year, including time on-campus and related travels, so it's essential to choose a plan with up to 365 days of coverage.


Medical Expense Benefit

You’re probably on a tight budget, so find a plan with coverage for any unexpected medical expenses that arise during your trip. Don’t risk being responsible for potentially exorbitant medical bills, friends. 

Example: You’re climbing to get a good look at Christ the Redeemer during your semester abroad in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. During the climb, you stumble over a patch of loose rocks and break your wrist. You need a cast and a prescription medication. Medical Expense benefit would provide reimbursement for those medical expenses.

Medical Evacuation

Sometimes the nearest hospital isn’t equipped to provide the treatment you need in the event of an injury or illness. Medical evacuation coverage would provide transportation to a nearby facility that offers appropriate medical care. 

Example: While getting your MBA in London, you take a weekend trip to Iceland, where you come down with a serious illness and need to be evacuated to the nearest hospital. The emergency services provider arranges all the transportation, and even sets up direct billing with the hospital. You’re diagnosed, treated, and feeling better within a week, and your transportation back to London is arranged for you.

Trip Cancellation and Interruption

Because life sometimes throws you a curveball, every plan has a list of ‘covered’ reasons for cancelling or interrupting your trip which would be eligible for reimbursement. Common reasons include unexpected illnesses and weather that affect your travel. 

Example: A couple of weeks before the end of your semester, your grandfather suddenly passes away. Trip Interruption would provide coverage for a change of flight, or can even purchase a flight for you to make it home in time for the funeral. Now you can focus on your family, not your travel.

Baggage & Personal Effects Loss

Textbooks and other school supplies are expensive! In the event your baggage or personal items are lost, stolen or damaged during your trip, this coverage would provide reimbursement for the original or replacement items. 

Example: You make it to South Africa for your semester in Cape Town without issue, but your baggage seems to have taken a detour. After waiting awhile for its arrival, your baggage is declared lost. Baggage coverage would provide reimbursement for the items you lost, or for the replacements you purchased in Cape Town.

  • Expert, unbiased recommendations for your travel style.
  • Feed a hungry child for a week with every purchase.
  • Helpful humans to guide you through every step.
  • Expert, unbiased recommendations for your travel style.
  • Feed a hungry child for a week with every purchase.
  • Helpful humans to guide you through every step.