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Tours are an incredible way to experience parts of the world, but sometimes the plane, train, bus, or boat is delayed, and you'll be glad you added trip delay coverage to take care of added expenses. Consider a provider with a reputation for quality claims service on the go, too.

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Comprehensive Plan

There can be many different elements to a touring trip, and a comprehensive plan will offer add-on coverage options to meet your specific needs, all while including both medical and travel coverage.

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Extensive Travel Coverage

Travel add-on options such as Trip Cancellation, Baggage, and Missed Connection coverage are essential when your trip has so many moving parts and opportunities for things to go awry.

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Excellent Claims Ratings

Since a touring trip is most likely a large financial investment, purchase a plan from a provider with excellent claims ratings. You want financial coverage that really does come through when you need it.


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Trip Delay Coverage

In the event your trip is delayed, this coverage would provide reimbursement for those unexpected expenses like hotel accommodations, meals, and cab rides. 

Example: You’ve just completed a culinary tour through Chile, and you’re ready to head home. The day of your departure, there’s an unannounced transportation strike and you have no way to commute to the airport, keeping you in town longer than expected. Trip Delay coverage would provide reimbursement for an additional hotel stay, meals, and cab to the airport.

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Medical/Medical Evacuation Coverage

Since your healthcare most likely does not extend to the various destinations you hope to visit, medical and medical evacuation coverage will provide peace of mind in the event you need to seek medical attention. 

Example: While sightseeing in India, you come down with a terrible virus. You call the 24/7 emergency assistance number associated with your travel insurance plan and they direct you to the nearest hospital. After seeing a doctor and receiving a prescription, you are feeling better after a couple days and ready to tackle that tour of the Taj Mahal. You file a claim when you return home and are reimbursed for those medical expenses you had paid out of pocket.

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Baggage Delay Coverage

In the event your baggage doesn’t arrive at your destination, for most plans within 24 hours, Baggage Delay would provide reimbursement for additional clothing and personal items you need, within reason. 

Example: Finally, you’re able to take that river cruise down the Rhine. When you arrive in Paris, your baggage does not. Baggage Delay would reimburse you for the cost of a change of clothes, toothbrush, and any other necessary items that didn’t make it to you in time.

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Optional Add-on Coverage

Some comprehensive plans give you the option to add optional coverage like rental car coverage, Cancel for Any Reason coverage, and medical upgrades. You know what your tour entails, so it’s nice to choose coverage options that apply to you. 

Example: After your tour of the coral reefs in Australia, you decide to spend a week driving around the South Island in New Zealand, which is why you added the optional rental car coverage. While driving your rental car, you stop to let a herd of sheep cross the road. Unfortunately, the driver behind you doesn’t stop in time, rear-ending you and totaling the rental car. Rental car coverage would provide peace of mind, knowing that the cost of buying a new car isn’t going to come out of your pocket.

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  • Expert, unbiased recommendations for your travel style.
  • Feed a hungry child for a week with every purchase.
  • Helpful humans to guide you through every step.
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  • Expert, unbiased recommendations for your travel style.
  • Feed a hungry child for a week with every purchase.
  • Helpful humans to guide you through every step.