COVID-19 Update: All our travel insurance providers are still treating COVID-19 as a covered medical event. Click here for more COVID-19 coverage information.

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Comprehensive Insurance

Want to spend less time comparing and considering the variety of travel insurance types and more time researching the quickest route to the beach or the nearest coffee shop to your Airbnb? We can relate. You can save time just by picking up a comprehensive travel insurance policy. It’s that easy. Comprehensive travel insurance is the simplest type of plan to understand, and all you really need to know is this: “Comprehensive” can essentially be translated as “everything but the kitchen sink” in the travel insurance conversation.  



While every policy has some nuance and there may specific exclusions (which we’ll discuss below), comprehensive insurance should be the first coverage to consider when your trip falls into one or more of these categories:

ic_circlecheckblue You want to ensure that you have the most complete coverage possible.
ic_circlecheckblue There’s a greater chance your trip could be cancelled or interrupted.
 ic_circlecheckblue Your trip is a large or uncommon financial investment for you.
 ic_circlecheckblue You’ve budgeted for insurance and don’t care to put a lot of thought into what’s covered & not covered
ic_circlecheckblue Business, Family and Empty Nester Types of Travelers


Coverage types and limits differ based on what type of comprehensive plan you purchase. Most comprehensive plans include coverage for:

ic_circlecheckblue Emergency Medical & Dental Expenses
ic_circlecheckblue  Baggage Delay
 ic_circlecheckblue  Medical Evacuation
 ic_circlecheckblue Trip Delay
ic_circlecheckblue Trip Cancellation & Interruption
ic_circlecheckblue  Domestic and International Travel
ic_circlecheckblue  Accidental Death & Dismemberment


Note: all plans are a bit different, but the most common exclusion of comprehensive policies (often offered as an option to add to your policy) is “Cancel for Any Reason” coverage, which protects you in the event that you’ve already put down deposits or made non-refundable payments, but have to cancel because the trip just won’t work out (for any reason, get it?). With the right timing and documentation, your add-on “Cancel for Any Reason” coverage should entitle you to a percentage of refund for those costs – proving that the term “non-refundable” is meaningless with the right insurance.

In Summary
But even without optional coverage, most plans will cover up to 100% of your total trip cost for covered, unexpected cancellations and interruptions. It pays (sometimes literally) to know what insurance can do for you, so if something goes wrong before or during your trip, you’re protected for reimbursement and can put some of that money toward your next life-changing trip. Now you know. Total peace of mind, coverage for the range of unexpected occurrences, and simplicity are the benefits of comprehensive travel insurance. It may not be the least expensive type of policy, but sometimes in life and in travel, you get what you pay for, friends.