TSA Approved Carry-Ons You Need for Your Next Trip

When it comes to finding the right luggage for flying, unfortunately one size does not fit all. What is approved as a carry-on for one airline might be cause for baggage check on another.

That means that when you’re traveling by plane, the first thing you should do is consult your airlines’ baggage policies. If you’re hoping to carry on, knowing and following an airline’s policy is the only surefire way to avoid the dreaded gate check. As long as your bag fits comfortably within the restrictions, you’ll be good to go.

To help prevent pre-departure drama, here’s a breakdown of the most common airlines’ luggage size restrictions, how to correctly measure your suitcase, and the five best, TSA-approved suitcases for your flight.

Carry-on Size Guidelines, by Airline

    American     Delta    Frontier    Jet Blue   Spirit  Southwest    United


Length (in) 22 22 24 22 22 24 22 22
Width (in) 14 14 16 14 18 16 14 14
Height (in)  9 9 10 9 10 10 9 9

How to Measure Your Bag

Measuring your bag seems simple at first. But when faced with the task, trying to discern between length, width and height can become frustratingly difficult. Here are a few pro tips: Length is always the longest measurement. To get the width, run the tape measurer across the bottom of the suitcase. Height is synonymous with depth and is sometimes labeled as such by non-domestic airlines.

Almost all airlines measure length, width and height in inches. When describing luggage size restrictions airlines will often order the measurements from biggest to smallest. This means length first, then width, followed by height.

Your Best Suitcase Options


Incase Eo
Travel Hardshell Roller

The Eo is a smooth operator. With sleek design and exquisite attention to detail, this bag is perfect for the modern, business traveler whose biggest priority is speedy check-in and direct accessibility to electronics. The best part of the bag is its polycarbonate hardshell. On the inside of the shell is a cushioned sleeve for your laptop. The smart design of this hybrid shell-sleeve allows you to pass your laptop through TSA machines without having to separate it into a bin. Genius.

Price tag: $193 on Amazon

EO travel hardshell roller suitcase


Away Travel
The Carry On

The Away Travel Carry On is one of those things you never thought you’d need until you have it. Then, once you do, you can’t imagine living without it. Two words: Phone charger. With a handy USB port tucked underneath the handle’s compartment, the Carry On can fully charge an iPhone up to ten times until its own internal battery needs a recharge. This suitcase also comes with a compressible laundry bag that can be used to store your dirty clothes for quick extraction once you’re home. 

Price tag: $275

 the carry on away travel suitcase


Winfield Spinner

When it comes to affordable, durable luggage, Samsonite sets the standard. They are the legendary developers of both the four-wheeled model that’s so common these days and the hardshell style. The Winfield Spinner is deceptively lightweight, especially given its ability to handle a few bumps and scrapes without showing signs of damage. Like the other suitcases on this list, the Winfield Spinners comes with a TSA-approved lock and features divider compartments that make organizing for your trip a synch.

Price tag: $139.99

winfield spinner samsonite suitcase


Juno Cabin Suitcase

Antler is a best-kept secret among travelers. A century-old brand, Antler delivers some of the luggage industry’s most trustworthy and long-lasting products. The Juno is small and unbelievably lightweight, weighing in at just 3.5lbs, but it’s rumored to be able to handle up to 10 days worth of summer clothes. This is thanks to the suitcase’s inherent stretchiness and forgiving structure. With other hardshell suitcases, what you see is what you get, but the Antler seems to function more like a duffle in that there’s always a way to squeeze in a few additional last minute items.

Price tag: $175.00

antler suitcase


Eagle Creek
Adventure Wheeled Tote

Are you flying on Spirit Airlines and trying to dodge the carry-on fee? It’s a tricky feat, but if so, this is the only bag for you. As everyone knows, the way Spirit and Frontier make money is off of their extra fees—it’s how they can afford to sell such low fares. This means the only way to keep your fare as low as the ticket price is to pack smart and, most importantly, pack small. The Adventure Wheeled Tote allows you to get the most out of the limited space Spirit allows for your one, free personal item. Best for overnight trips, or weekend trips if you’re a light packer, this suitcase is a much better option than an overstuffed, compartment-less backpack – plus, it has wheels.

Price tag: $219.00

Eagle Creek suitcase

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