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Ultimate Spain Travel Safety Guide

What’s not to love about Spain? The food, culture, and friendly people make visiting such a beautiful country high on the bucket list for many travelers. Before you start planning your dream vacation though, it’s best you become familiar with the current travel requirements, safety guidelines, and recommendations for a safe and stress-free trip to Spain.

Is Spain open to international travel?

Yes, Spain is open for tourists to visit. However, you’ll want to check the entry requirements prior to travel, which you can find below.

Is it safe to travel to Spain now?

Use the links below to find up-to-date information for Spain from trusted sources to help you assess risks and better plan your trip.

city in spain

What are the requirements to travel to Spain?

As of right now, you’ll need to be vaccinated to enter Spain, but make sure you know the other entry requirements so you’ll be prepared when you visit the country.

What’s open to tourists?

Pretty much everything is open when you travel to Spain, with some capacity limitations still in place. Check out the links below for further details.

Is Spain family-friendly?

Yes, Spain is welcoming of families visiting and is full of fun and adventure for children of all ages. Check out the recommendations for accommodations and activities!

scenery in spain

Is travel insurance mandatory for Spain?

Although travel insurance isn’t required to enter Spain, it is a wise idea to purchase a policy given the ever-changing travel environment and requirements. For one, the U.S. still requires you to submit proof of a negative COVID-19 test to re-enter the country. If you test positive while on vacation, you’ll be forced to spend extra money on hotels and meals. Travel insurance could cover those unexpected costs under travel delay benefits.

Also, travel insurance can protect your prepaid trip costs in the event you have to cancel your trip because you contract COVID-19, get injured, a family member passes away, a natural disaster hits your destination, etc. You can plan with peace of mind knowing that if your travel plans go awry, you may not have to foot the bill.


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