Ultimate Travel to India Tips [Travel Safety Guide]

Last Updated on 3/3/2023

India is known for its history, culture, and beauty which explains why so many have it on their bucket lists to travel to one day. Before planning your getaway though, become more informed on how to have a safe and stress-free trip during COVID by using the tips below.

blue outline of arrow pointing right Is travel to India open?

Yes, as of March 27, 2022 tourists are now able to visit once again.

blue outline of arrow pointing right Is it safe to travel to India now from the USA?

Use the links below to find up-to-date safety information for India that allows you to assess risks and better plan your trip.

CDC Health Advisory

The CDC is a trusted source that provides health and safety information when planning your trip to India.

US State Department Travel Advisory

When it comes to travel advisories, the U.S. State Department does a great job at updating people on how secure a destination is on certain criteria.

US State Department Fact Sheet

You can find facts regarding the current relations between India and the U.S. by clicking on this fact sheet.

STEP Program

This free program allows you to get notifications about India before departure and connects you to the U.S. Embassy in India if you need assistance during your visit.

Current COVID Numbers

If you’re curious about current stats on COVID-19 cases in India, this resource will paint you get a better picture.

Other Non-COVID Risks

Although India is a pretty secure destination, you can look at this source for other potential risks as you plan your vacation.

Mysore Palace, Mysuru, India

blue outline of arrow pointing right What travel requirements are in place in India?

Click the links below to learn what you’ll need to have ready prior to your departure date. These resources are regularly updated, so you can be informed.

Pre-Departure Testing

Find out what the current status is concerning COVID-19 testing requirements.

Mandatory Quarantine

You can learn updates on mandatory quarantines to better plan your visit.


Get updates on whether or not masks are required during your trip to India.

Self-Declaration Form

Although the self-declaration form has been discontinued, you can refer back to make sure this is still up-to-date before your trip departs.

Health Screenings

To best prepare for the potential extra time needed to get through airports or other areas, make sure you’re updated on health screening requirements in India.

Re-Entry to US Testing

Update yourself on any re-entry testing that might be required before your visit.


Although a curfew is unlikely, you can find updated information using the link above if a curfew is in place during your vacation.

blue outline of arrow pointing right What’s open to those visiting India?

Pretty much everything is open in India, but some places might be restricted on hours and/or capacity.


Restaurant information may vary, but most are open. 


Most attractions are currently open.

blue outline of arrow pointing right Is India family-friendly?

India might be a more challenging place to take a family vacation with young kids, but it does offer some great rewards! Here are some recommendations on what to do and where to stay if you’re up for the adventure.

Tour/Excursion Recommendations

These tours and activities are sure to excite the entire family.

Hotel/Resort Recommendations

If you’re looking for a family-friendly accommodation or resort, the link above is a good place to begin.

elephant riding in India

blue outline of arrow pointing right Travel Insurance For India

Travel insurance isn’t technically required to enter India, but there’s still value in purchasing a policy. It could recoup lost travel expenses if you suddenly have to cancel or interrupt your trip. Should you need medical attention during your vacation, travel insurance can reimburse the cost of your medical bills if you were sick or injured. 

Also, since the U.S. is still requiring people to show proof of a negative COVID-19, having a travel insurance policy in place could provide reimbursement of extra costs if you contracted COVID-19 during your trip, causing you to stay in India longer.

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