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How to Travel to Greece From the U.S. Worry-Free in 2022

Last Updated on 4/29/2022

Now that travel to Greece from the U.S. is open, it’s time to start planning a much-needed getaway to a land of sapphire waters, white-washed houses, and delicious Mediterranean cuisine! Read our tips on how to get there safely and plan the best vacation, despite the current pandemic!

Table of Contents

Greece Re-Opening and Travel Safety

How to Get to Greece Safely: Are there any travel restrictions?

What to Expect When You Get to Greece

Planning a Trip to Greece

blue outline of arrow pointing right Greece Re-Opening and Travel Safety

Is Greece open to U.S. travelers?

If you have been fully vaccinated against COVD-19, then yes! This has been the case since April 19th. Even if you aren’t fully vaccinated, U.S. travelers can still travel to Greece, however, you won’t be able to enjoy indoor restaurants, cinemas, theaters, museums, or exhibitions.

Is there a travel advisory for Greece?

There is not a current threatening travel advisory to travel to Greece. The current rating is a Level 1 travel advisory, meaning exercise normal precautions. The CDC recommends being fully vaccinated prior to traveling to Greece, as it has concluded a Level 3 “high COVID-19” health advisory.

overlooking greece waters

blue outline of arrow pointing right How to Get to Greece Safely: Are there any travel restrictions?

Will I need to get a COVID-19 test before I visit Greece?

As of May 2, 2022, all previous travel restrictions will no longer apply. Regardless of vaccination status or purpose of travel, you will be permitted to enter Greece

Will there be health screenings prior to and upon arrival to Greece?

Yes, there are likely to be random screenings or a health questionnaire as well as temperature checks. Places this could likely happen are in an airport, before and after boarding an airplane, or on a ferry.

Is there a mandatory quarantine upon arrival for Americans?

No, Greece has not imposed a mandatory quarantine once you enter the country. However, if you test positive at any point during your trip to Greece, you could be required to quarantine until you test negative for COVID-19. You’ll want to make sure you have travel insurance in case this happens!

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What is the required Online Passenger Locator Form?

This was a former application needed to enter Greece, but is no longer being required to complete.

shipwreck beach in greece

Is the U.S. Still Requiring COVID-19 Re-entry Tests?

Not anymore! The testing requirement to get back into the U.S. has been lifted. However, if you find that you contract COVID-19 during your trip, having a travel insurance policy in hand could reimburse you for the extra accommodations, meals, local transportation, and medical expenses you incur.

blue outline of arrow pointing right What to Expect When You Get to Greece

Are masks still required?

As of May 2, 2022, masks will no longer be required to be worn indoors.

outdoor seating in greece

Can I travel to various regions of Greece during my visit?

Yes, the previous movement restrictions have been abolished, meaning you no longer need to show any documentation when traveling between Grecian islands. Commence all the dreamy island hopping!

What’s open in Greece?

Great news –many public places are open now. This includes restaurants and bars, as long as there is open-air and outdoor seating. Museums are now open too! Other shops and stores remain open but include capacity limits. The catch is that you’ll need to be fully vaccinated to enter many indoor locations.

outdoor seating of a restaurant in greece

blue outline of arrow pointing right Planning a Trip to Greece

When’s the best time to visit Greece?

The jury confirms that mid-April to mid-June and then September to mid-October are the best times to visit Greece. This way, you’ll enjoy less crowded areas and even cheaper fares! Definitely a win whether or not you’re on a strict budget.

How long should I visit Greece?

This comes down to your budget, but if you ask us (and others!) planning a seven-day vacation is the best option. With a week’s worth of time, you can adventure around Athens or Thessaloniki and some of the gorgeous islands without feeling rushed. That being said, if you only have a long weekend to enjoy the stunning views of this destination, check out this four-day itinerary to still get the full experience of Greece.

pillars in athens

blue outline of arrow pointing right Hidden Gems of Greece


This volcanic island hosts many breathtaking beaches, making it a great place to go scuba diving or even cliff-jumping if that’s more your thing. The sunrises and sunsets are divine here, but make sure to get there early to save yourself a watch spot.

Monastiraki and Psirri

These neighborhoods are just north of Plaka and are the areas many locals frequent. So if you’re a foodie looking to break away from the touristy areas and experience authentic cuisine, we’d recommend visiting the Monastiraki and Psirri area.

Monastiraki, Athens, Greece


Despite this location being a major stop for many cruise ships, Iraklion is the place we’d recommend for history buffs. From palaces, museums, and other ancient sites, this destination is sure to educate and manifest wonder!

Is Greece family-friendly?

Of course! Greece is full of adventure for kids of all ages. If you’re looking for a true getaway where you can relax (but have the kids entertained), we’d recommend visiting Rhodes in the Dodecanese islands. If you’re on a budget, try Corfu in the Ionian islands or Amorgos in the Cyclades islands for a fulfilling vacation away from home –without sacrificing a good time.

Should I get travel insurance for my trip to Greece?

We think it’s a wise idea! Travel insurance is more than just Trip Cancellation coverage that protects your investment if something caused you to cancel your getaway. It also offers medical coverage if you were to get sick or injured at your destination –including if you contract COVID-19. In addition, if your trip is delayed due to quarantine or your airline, you could get reimbursed for unexpected costs like hotels and meals. Here’s how you can buy affordable and reliable travel insurance online.

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