What is Wanderlust Travel? Why It Makes You A Better Person

Have you ever felt a sudden, inescapable urge to book a flight to a place you’ve never been before or hop in the car for an impromptu weekend trip just to see somewhere new? Do you generally feel a strong, underlying desire to explore different parts of the world? If you answered yes to any of these questions, my friend, you have what we call wanderlust.

“Travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer.”

– Anonymous

What does wanderlust mean?

Wanderlust can be defined as “a strong desire to travel” or “a lust for wandering.” There’s even a magazine dedicated to wanderlust travel.

And we get it. Our wanderlust is real. We constantly feel the draw to travel. We also love meeting people who feel the same way.

Wanderlust is a beautiful thing, and it makes us better people. We understand travel is an investment  – no matter how you go about it, it takes some planning and money. But exploring the world with a sense of wonder and curiosity is so worth it because wanderlust travel can enrich your life in so many ways. Here are just a few.

two women hiking down a mountain surrounded by green plants

blue circle with white number 1 in middle Wanderlust travel expands your worldview.

“Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry, and narrow-mindedness.”

– Mark Twain

When traveling, you will often experience new cultures and people who live differently from you. No matter how much you read about them, actually visiting these places and immersing yourself in the culture will give you a more accurate understanding. The more you interact with these differences, the more likely you will grow an admiration, sense of wonder, and respect for them. We have so much to learn from each other. So, whenever you travel and explore, take the time to engage with the local culture – it’ll be well worth it.

a man cliff climbing over the ocean

blue circle with white number 2 in the middle Wanderlust travel helps you adapt.

“The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page.”

– St. Augustine

There are very few things in your control, especially when it comes to traveling. However, you can always control your attitude. Although you’re bound to experience a few bumps when traveling, that doesn’t need to be discouraging. Instead, unforeseen or challenging travel experiences can give you the opportunity to grow in patience and grace for yourself and those around you. It gives you the option to take a strategic approach to solving unexpected travel problems. It also lets you flex your adaptability muscles so you can become more “go with the flow” in surprising outcomes. When you embark on the journey, it will only benefit you to tackle each new bend with a dash of optimism.

a group of friends on a beach at sunset playing music and roasting hot dogs over a campfire

blue circle with the white number 3 in the middle Wanderlust travel creates friendships.

“A journey is best measured in friends rather than miles.”

– Tim Cahill

Travel is the ultimate connector. When you’re trying to navigate a new place, whether solo or with travel buddies, you might face that (dreaded Dad) moment when you have to ask for directions. But that doesn’t need to be the only reason you talk with a stranger along your journey. Travel gives you so many opportunities to seek connections with those around you. From the airport to the local pub at your destination, you’ll have countless opportunities to connect with future friends who can broaden your understanding of the world, share common values, and make your travels even more enjoyable. If you’re open to it, it’s possible to walk away from every trip with a handful of new connections–and maybe even some lifelong friends.

Pro Tip: If meeting new people while traveling sounds intimidating, you’re not alone! You can take the advice from a seasoned travel blogger and how she makes friends when traveling solo on her trips.

a group of traveling, backpacking friends laughing at the base of a rocky mountain

blue circle with the white number 4 in the middle Wanderlust travel is memorable.

“Adventure is worthwhile.”

– Aesop

No matter your budget or where you’re going, getting out there and experiencing all of the adventures the world has to offer is exhilarating and memorable. When you fully embrace wanderlust travel, just see where it leads you. The “not knowing” can be part of the fun, but there is one thing we recommend planning for: don’t forget to protect your trip costs with travel insurance so you can have peace of mind no matter what happens along the way.

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What’s Next?

Now that you’re more in tune with your wanderlust, why not do something about it? Here are the next steps:

  1. Plan a future trip
  2. Create a travel budget
  3. Purchase flights
  4. Buy travel insurance

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