4 Myths about Travel Insurance

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Do you know what kills the excitement of planning a new adventure faster than the thought of having to shell out extra cash for travel insurance? The thought of having to shell out even more cash if you don’t have travel insurance. 

Unfortunately, misconceptions about trip insurance can prevent travelers from taking the extra steps necessary to protect themselves. While it’s true that travel coverage does cost extra, it’s a small price to pay in the event an emergency pops up and completely derails your plans. 

Here are the top four travel insurance myths dispelled. 

Myth: Travel Insurance is Too Expensive

When you’re traveling, it’s safe to say you cannot foresee the cruise line losing your luggage, or needing to be airlifted to a hospital. Luckily, most travel insurance includes the cost of a new wardrobe and medical evacuations.

When you take into account that an emergency situation necessitating a medical evacuation could cost upwards of $25,000, spending $150 to insure your trip seems like a no-brainer. Considering how much travel insurance costs compared to the price of not having proper trip coverage, we would go so far as to say that it is too costly not to have travel insurance for travelers. 

Myth: Applying for Travel Insurance is Difficult

Luckily for you, finding a travel insurance plan has never been easier. Our experts have gone over tons of policies from numerous insurance companies in order to guarantee we’ll help you find the best trip coverage. Regardless of whether or not you are cruising, flying, or touring, we can help you find an instant quote with a policy that is unique to your travel style. 

Myth: My Medical Insurance Provides Enough Coverage

While you may feel like opting for additional insurance for your upcoming trip is unnecessary, we’re here to tell you that isn’t the case. Sure, you can spend that money on extra activities on your trip, but you also may be unaware of the fine print on your existing insurance policies that could leave you without coverage if something were to happen. 

Some areas your current medical insurance does not cover include: medical evacuation, emergency transportation home, traditional medical expenses, hospital confinement allowance. The list can go on since different travel insurance plans offer different benefits. 

Myth: My Credit Card Has Travel Insurance

Unfortunately, not every credit card has travel insurance, so make sure to look carefully at its conditions before going on your trip. If you use your credit card to book flights, then you will be protected for any travel inconvenience in the event that your flight gets delayed or cancelled. Other than that, additional medical expenses may not be covered unless it’s clearly specified in the insurance provider’s policy. 

If your credit card travel perks are not up to par with your traveling needs, we can help make sure you have any additional needed coverage. Learn more about our comprehensive travel insurance plans and compare them today.

All in all, travel insurance is a vital part of preparing for your next trip that many unfortunately overlook –until they experience an emergency on their vacation. Buying travel insurance can save you thousands of dollars and provide you with the inner peace you need to travel with confidence!

Start the plan comparison process right now to find the best insurance for you by using our instant quote tool. You can even email your quote to yourself to review it another time or reach out to us at [email protected].

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