Travel Insurance 101

Travel Insurance VS Health Insurance

As with credit card travel benefits, there are often assumptions and misconceptions about what assistance is actually offered under basic health insurance coverage when traveling.


Suffice to say that an emergency medical situation abroad is not the time to roll the dice and hope for the best, friends. We implore you to study your options and know what’s covered.


Research for yourself, but the bottom line is that travel insurance provides extensive medical coverage and emergency assistance, in addition to travel coverage, at a price-point that’s probably less than your health insurance deductible. You should consider that for a moment before making a decision.


We’ve created a simple chart to clarify what’s covered under basic health insurance plans versus most travel insurance plans.



Travel Insurance

Health Insurance

 Will they provide assistance
with emergency medical
evacuation if I need it?
In most covered events,
provider will completely pay for
and arrange evacuation
or repatriation of remains. 
 You will likely be responsible
for evacuation expenses/
arrangements, costing $25,000+

 What are my out-of-pocket
medical expenses?

In many cases, provider will
offer a ‘guarantee of payment’
and/or cover expenses on the spot. 

You are responsible for all
medical costs up-front, and will
need to open a claim for
reimbursement later. 

 Will I pay a deductible?

 Plans differ, but a majority carry a $0 deductible across the board.

 You’ll need to meet your regular
deductible before any reimbursement

 What if I encounter
a non-medical emergency?

 Trip cancellation, loss/delay of
baggage, and much more are
covered under comprehensive
plans – in addition to medical

If it’s not a medical expense, it
won’t be covered – no matter how
extensive or dire the circumstances.